Joshua D. Belof, DMDI had TurnKey Builders construct my dental office in Apollo Beach, with a completion date in May 2010. bill was in charge of the day-to-day oversights of the construction, and did a fabulous job. The job came out even more beautiful than I planned.

What was most impressive to me was the attention to detail that I do not believe I would have received, had I chosen a different contractor. TurnKey's knowledge of the exact placement of wires and supports for my dental equipment made installation a breeze. The cabinetry and flooring is gorgeous and has held up very well so far. Bill went above and beyond on our ceiling in the reception room. It was supposed to be a nice diamond shape with a regular "bead-board." Bill called in a great carpenter and created a truly stunning ceiling using an upgraded wood that I get compliments on regularly.

Lastly, Bill was always available to take my phone calls any time of day or night, and met with me early in the morning or late after work, to make sure the construction meetings could fit into my busy schedule. I was informed of what was going on at all times. I have regular communication with Bill and Stan to this day, usually them checking in to see if there is anything that needs touch-ups or repairs. It's for these reasons that I would use TurnKey for any of my future construction projects, and would recommend them to anyone doing a dental or medical construction project. I know that my business is more successful because of the structure that they constructed.

Joshua D. Belof, DMD
South Bay Dentistry

Toan Tran, DMDTurnKey Builders were my contractor for my new dental office. I have never dealt with a construction company before; it was all new to me. Hearing all of the horror stories of construction companies not doing their job, I was very skeptical and worried. I met several construction companies for my office, but only TurnKey Builders were willing to talk to me after hours and explain the process of construction to me and assured me they will help make it as seamless as possible.

Toan Tran, DMD
Mangrove Bay Dentistry

Endodontic Specialists recently relocated to a 3500 square foot building. TurnKey Builders were instrumental in building out this location for our dental practice. We were very pleased with their service. We would highly recommend them.

Dr. Dennis Demirjian
Endodontic Specialists

In my position here at The Watson Clinic LLP as Clinical Director, I have had the opportunity to work with Stan Klos on several expansions and renovations over the past 18 years. Watson Clinic LLP is a multi-specialty clinic with close to 200 physicians housed in Lakeland, Florida. It is considered the largest multi-specialty clinic in the state.

My first involvement with Mr. Klos was for a major expansion of our west wing, which involved a new entrance to the facility and additional parking and, in addition, a five-story building was erected, attached to the existing building. Also, I worked with Mr. Klos on the expansion of our south division, which involved installation and renovation of the south side of the building with an additional three stories. The third involvement I had with Mr. Klos was the addition of our Radiation Therapy Department, which housed two linear accelerators and AcQuism simulator CT machine. All three of the projects involved major renovation and reconstruction.

Mr. Klos was extremely professional during all of these projects. The staff construction crews that he brought on board were excellent. The kept the areas clean and neat. No patient care areas were ever compromised. Much of the work was done after hours so that patient care and staff concerns were never an issue.

In summary, I found Mr. Klos to be extremely professional in his role as the superintendent and also as the project director of these projects. The work was done in a timely manner and came in on schedule with no hidden problems or expenses. He was within budget. All timelines were met and weekly meetings were very informative and we stayed on target.

Richard Gould
Watson Clinic

Natalie Carr, DDS, MSTurnKey Builders, Stan Klos & Billy Holland built my dental office in 2010. I interviewed three builders who were know in the community for their experience in dental office construction. What set TurnKey apart from the rest was their input in my design, even before securing the contract. The suggestions they made demonstrated to me their experience in dental office design and general knowledge of construction.

Their knowledge and experience was evident again during the permitting process. In my design, the air conditioning units were in the attic. In the initial review by the county, my plan was rejected. Stan from TurnKey provided the reviewer with the specific code that allowed my design and was able to demonstrate to the reviewer our compliance in securing approval for my project.

TurnKey is an organized, fast-paced organization that focuses on project completion time and the quality of their construction. They require timely decisions from their clients, insisting on selections in order to achieve a timely project. The attention to detail and quality of their subcontractors is evident in their final project. I finished my project ten months ago and have been happy with their availability to correct any issues that have arisen to date.

Natalie Carr, DDS, MS
Carr Pediatric Dentistry

I have known TurnKey Builders for the past four years, first with construction of a medical plaza and later remodeling of a third location. Deadlines were met, and when we asked for changes, they were carried out quickly and cheerfully. I can say that we are pleased with their work.

Jacqueline Sehres
Brandon Family Medical Care

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